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Benson Water Jug


Complete with liner and original instructions



Hand Beaten Brass Pot

30cm (12") diameter


Victorian Oil Lamp


Set of 2 EPNS Serving Spoons


Material Panel

Highlighted in silver thread, with a  pattern of exotic flowers and birds, in a faux gilt bamboo frame.


146cm (57") x 45cm (18")



Oak Barometer



Small Victorian Bone Snuff Box


IMG_2335 (1).jpeg

Marble Classical Figure

60cm (24") tall



Mahogany Towel Rail



Green-Handled Tea Knives


Oak Barometer


Kings Patterned Coffee Spoons



Set of 6 EPNS & Mother-of-Pearl Tea Knives



Large Tasco Telescope


Large Copper & Brass Pan

Diameter (inc handles) - 69cm (27")



Various Items of Costume Jewellery

Prices vary

Brass & Mother-of-Pearl Opera Glasses

'Oriental' by Aitchison of London


Fire Grate



Selection of Handmade Wooden Boats (by Edward Smith)

Prices start from £25.00


Fireguard (folding, 4 sided)


4-Man Fibreglass Poled Tent



C W Brecknell Ltd Cast Iron Weighing Scales with Brass Kidney Bowl Weighing Pan (inc weights)


Selection of Table Lamps

Approx 60 available

Prices from £8.00

Brass Fireplace Fender

28cm (11") x 320cm (50") x 19cm (7.5")


Various Nutcrackers

Prices range from £1.00 to £5.00

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